Structural Molecular Biology and Enzymology

Structural biology  illuminates the biochemical structures of all living systems at the atomic and molecular level. It also helps to understand the interaction between these components at a macroscopic level. This understanding helps in various fields like biotechnologyforensics and drug discovery.Structural biology conference comprehends the areas of science devoted to a detailed understanding of the fundamental molecular and biochemical components of living systems and of how these components interact in an organism.Enzymes play a crucial role in signaling the cellular and metabolic pathways. Research works are going on to identify, how the enzymes function at molecular and atomic level by combining the modern biochemistry and structural biology. Techniques which are being utilized to research enzyme structure and flow incorporate X-ray crystallographyNMRmass spectroscopy and protein chemistry, while their chemical behavior is being described by fast response and steady state energycalorimetry, substance investigations, and a variety of spectroscopies.

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